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Is The Glo cruelty-free?

Yes, we are proud to be Leaping Bunny Certified. This means that we and our suppliers never conduct animal testing of any of our products or ingredients used in our products.

Is The Glo organic?

The Glo products are 100% natural, vegan and use certified organic ingredients whenever possible. Most of our ingredients are certified organic. However, given organic labelling standards and practices vary depending on the sourcing country, not all of our ingredients carry an organic certification despite being free of pesticides. Producing a product that is both safe and high-performing is our priority. We only formulate with ingredients that have been meticulously tested for purity and are free from pesticides or other potentially harmful chemicals/contaminants. 

Are your products fragrance-free?

The Glo is free of synthetic fragrance. We use only 100% natural plant-derived essential oils to add beautiful aromas to our products. In doing so, we offer products with soft natural aromas that are not only soothing to the skin, but mind too.

Due to natural changes in the growing conditions of the plants our oils are sourced from, the aroma of our products may vary slightly from one batch to the next. A change in smell does not affect efficacy or safety of the product.

What is the expiration of my product?

Use within 12 months from purchase date.

Are the products safe to use while pregnant, breastfeeding or taking medications?

While we have crafted all of our products with natural ingredients, we always recommend consulting with your doctor before beginning the use of any products if pregnant, nursing, or planning to become pregnant or using medications.

As with any skin care products, keep out of reach of children. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.

Where does the Classic Skin Elixir get its amazing blue colour?

Free of dyes, its striking blue pigment is naturally derived from the antioxidant packed chamazulenea primary chemical component found in Blue Tansy, and is a result of the steam distillation process.

Due to the natural colour of Blue Tansy Oil, The Glo may vary in colour from deep blue to green. If stored incorrectly, the colour may also change from blue to green if exposed to light for an extended period of time. A change in colour does not affect efficacy or safety of the product.

Who is the Classic Skin Elixir suited to?

Our Classic Skin Elixir has been thoughtfully crafted with your skin mind. Using just five pure plant-derived ingredients, it has been formulated for all skin types thanks to its intuitive formula that adapts to your skin's ideal moisture needs. It is especially well tailored for sensitive or blemish-prone skin.

A note on sustainability:

Just as our ingredients matter, we believe packaging matters too. Did you know a product is only as clean as its packaging? Packaging can leech potentially harmful chemicals causing unwanted contamination. We have carefully sourced our packaging and have chosen to package our formula in glass and primarily recyclable materials (everything is recyclable with the exception of the dropper lid). You may notice that our crinkle paper looks handmade – that’s because it is! We upcycle paper from our local classrooms and use it to keep your order safe and secure during shipping while minimizing our carbon footprint.